ABOUT UOB’s Cloud Innovation Center

University of Bahrain Cloud innovation center is a long term, public-private collaboration between a public sector Sponsor organization and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The Challenge sponsor who is a Public sector entity wants to solve Public Sector problems by working with AWS. Ideally the challenge sponsor wants to thinks disruptively, drive transformation and engage on their community interest’s behalf to lead challenges employing Amazon innovation mechanism.

The sponsors working with AWS through University of Bahrain Cloud Innovation Center introduce digital transformation challenges, identifies problems of opportunities that matter to their community, and provide subject matter expertise. AWS brings Amazon innovation process, skilled cloud expertise and global solution to assist sponsors in identifying the best solutions for the challenges.


Submit a Challenge that your organization would like solved
Your challenge goes through The University of Bahrain’s selection committee
The University of Bahrain launches the challenge and assembles the teams
Industry experts in collaboration with young minds work on the challenge
Pick the perfect solution for the challenge put forward

Get the exposure you or your challenge deserve

The University of Bahrain Cloud Innovation Center allows both students and staff at public sector organizations to learn as they collaborate and work through challenges. Teams access leading innovation processes and have the opportunity to apply cloud technology to real-world problems in the public sector.

Organizations can collaborate with students and the community to drive innovation in Bahrain. Students gain access to a unique opportunity to work with leading public sector organizations. Learn more about how your organization can apply to work on a challenge by submitting an idea for review.

Submit a Challenge Idea

To learn more about the process or for general questions, with our FAQs