Sign Language – MobileMate

PROBLEM Currently, hearing impaired people lack mature solutions on their mobile that facilitates communication with other people in their daily simple activities like communicating with taxi drivers, or while  shopping or engaging in a simple discussion. To exclude [...]

Sign Language – PoseMate

PROBLEM A significant part of the community those are deaf or mute have been staved off from the world due to technology dearth or competence, where they couldn’t contribute in online conferences to express their knowledge or experience [...]

Sign Language – VoiceMate

PROBLEM Hearing-impaired people misinformed when consuming social media or news. Currently, it is quite problematic to include a sign language translator for news or other video channels due to the absence of adequate specialists handling transcriptions on their [...]

Jalsa Application

PROBLEM Before COVID-19, conferences, travel and physical meeting were the norm, while now with social distancing, closure of most airports and travel ban, life should continue, and we need to come up with innovative technologies to continue business [...]

Virtual Conference Challenge

OVERVIEW The Bahrain Institute of Public Administration(BIPA) was planning to host The Middle East and North Africa Public Administration Research (MENAPAR) Conference in June 2020 and due to the current COVID-19 coronavirus situation, BIPA decided on changing the event [...]